- Software Developer

Pragati, how long have you been at collaboration Factory and why did you join the company?

I have been at collaboration Factory for three years now. After my last job, I was looking for a new challenge. When I came here for my interview, I instantly liked the team and product they create at collaboration Factory. I knew immediately that I would learn a lot here and that I have the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. Another thing that attracted and kept me here is our pragmatic and visionary CEO. It has been an amazing journey so far that is to be continued.

What are your core responsibilities?

I work in engineering as a full-stack developer. I like learning new things and the work here has provided me with enough challenges to quench my curiosity and explore new things. Currently, I am responsible for our Low-Code initiative that we created to provide our users with more freedom for their projects. 

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

There is so much to do in a young, dynamic and innovative company like collaboration Factory. Deciding and focusing on the things that bring the most value to our customers is definitely the biggest challenge. There is always some – “It would be so cool to have that” or “That sounds interesting, let’s do something with blockchain” – so prioritizing is the biggest challenge.

What’s most rewarding about your role?

One of the most rewarding aspects is solving new technical challenges for an ever-evolving product. Our Low-Code features are highly visible to users and it feels amazing when our partners and users tell us how a new feature or improvement made their work easier and saved them a lot of time.

For people looking to join us in your team, what tips do you have?

Be proactive and have the confidence to take responsibility. You don’t have to be master at everything, you just need to have curiosity and the hunger to learn and take action. Be yourself and just do it.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

It’s really difficult to decide between time travel and controlling elements. Time travel can be dangerous and for the most part, it never ends well with all the paradoxes and weird phenomena. I think I would choose the ability to control elements like Storm from X-Men. This way I could fix the climate change and would not have to feel guilty for having a huge bonfire and barbecue.

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