Michael Rose, Head of Technology

- Head of Technology

Michael, how long have you been at collaboration Factory and why did you join the company?

I joined collaboration Factory back in January 2015 when we were only a handful of people. Originally, I started as a working student as I knew one of the minds behind cplace’s core and had worked with him before. For me it was also the aspect of joining a small company with a visionary CEO and being able to see and experience first-hand what it means to grow and scale a company from scratch. So far my journey at collaboration Factory turned out amazingly well!

What are your core responsibilities?

I work in engineering and have been a full-stack/everywhere developer all along. Be it our frontend components, business logic in the backend or command line tools for us developers – I probably touched it all so far. As of mid-2019 I’ve been named “Head of Technology” and my core responsibilities lie in strategizing on how we can improve and advance cplace in its core to make it ready for the next years and what’s there to come.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

One of the greatest challenges is definitely to meet expectations and focusing on what’s important. Of course, there’s always something nice and shiny to work on that looks good – however you have to take into account your environment and the current needs of your customers. I encourage everyone to maintain a long-term vision but also to focus on small, self-contained steps that you can take one after the other. That's how you make progress without rushing, so that there is always the possibility to adjust course when necessary.

What’s most rewarding about your role?

The most rewarding thing is being able to make an impact and solve engineering challenges. Although I like playing around with new technologies from time to time, being able to transform something existing and thus enabling others to do the same, feels great.

What does your typical day look like?

As I am more of an early bird, I have the luxury of working in peace for 1 to 1,5 hours in the morning before most of the colleagues arrive. Then I have coffee with the team – a great occasion to keep up with everyone and everything that is going on in the company. It's always worth it for a laugh! After that it’s basically down to meetings, coding, coaching and reviewing work. Of course with lunch and coffee breaks inbetween where co-workers from other departments come together to play a round of table tennis.

For people looking to join us in your team, what tips do you have?

A great plus of course is to have an open mind regarding technologies. Don’t be too focused on that one tool or framework – there are others that are great too. For me personally, it was a lot more helpful to know a variety of them. Know the various concepts, know their advantages and disadvantages and be able to apply that knowledge to different contexts whenever required.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I’d definitely like to be able to fly! I have always loved flying – small planes, big planes, helicopters. If my eyes weren't so bad maybe I would have become a helicopter pilot. But I’m absolutely happy where I am today.

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