- Head of Solution Engineering

Thomas aka ‚Reschi‘, you have been at collaboration Factory from the very beginning. How was your journey so far? Why did you join the company?

My journey at collaboration Factory started about 10 years ago: Back as a student at the TU Munich, I did a software engineering lab course under the supervision of Thomas B. who is now Product Manager at cplace. The goal was to extend a software that was being developed at the corresponding chair - today, this software is called cplace. After I completed my doctorate, I joined collaboration Factory which was a relatively easy decision, as I was already familiar with the software and some of the employees. Besides, it was already foreseeable that the success curve with this team would only go in one direction: upwards!

You have recently become a father and we are very excited that you already signed up your son as future cplace expert in our talent pool. What makes collaboration Factory so special for you?

As is generally known, you only want the best for your children, so that naturally includes the privilege of working at collaboration Factory. Too much? No, seriously: On the one hand there is the technical aspect. Every day, I work with innovative technologies to solve real customer problems. And on the other hand, I do it as part of a great team with outstanding personalities that share the same values that are important to me. That doesn't just sound like a fantastic working environment: It is!

What are your core responsibilities as Head of Solution Engineering?

One of my main responsibilities is the coordination of our cplace Solution Engineers. These are the developers who work in the project business and build customized cplace solutions for client projects. This entails making sure that our implementation projects are provided with the right dose of engineering power. In addition, I also see myself as an enabler who supports the team by getting rid of all kinds of obstacles that we encounter.

One of our company values is ‚Innovation & Sustainability ‘. How does this reflect in your job?

For our team, 'Innovation & Sustainability' means to constantly think about how we can improve the things we do. Furthermore, we attach great importance to sharing the experiences that we gain in our projects with our colleagues and the entire cplace ecosystem.

However, the claim of innovation in our solutions also means that it‘s an ongoing process. It all drives us to continuously improve the quality of the cplace solutions for our customers and partners and to ensure a high level of sustainability right from the start.

You mainly work remotely from home. At the same time, you lead a team of eight people in Munich and Hannover. How does this work and how do you see your role as a team lead?

At first glance, it may seem challenging to manage a team mainly from a distance. However, the team itself is spread over several locations. So it‘s actually not that odd that I as team lead also operate remotely. It actually makes all team members feel "equally close". And with today's technical means (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.), it‘s no longer a problem to work together efficiently even over a distance.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role? What’s most rewarding?

The most challenging aspect is to organize the team among the projects in such a way that everyone can make the best possible use of his or her individual skills. At the same time, we constantly need to look into the future to be able to serve upcoming opportunities. And while it used to be the greatest satisfaction for me to solve a complex problem myself, it now gives me even more pleasure when my team manages to do the same on its own.

Roughly describe a project case that particularly impressed you.

I'm always impressed by how quickly we manage to build prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and thus outperform our competitors. It's even more fascinating to me when customers don't need our support anymore, because they are already able to implement their own cplace projects. For example, an automotive supplier in the north was able to successfully operate and expand a complex cplace application with one of our partners for several years now. In this case, cplace features were created that flow back into the product. And that is probably the best thing for our Shared Source Ecosystem!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

It would be quite convenient for my everyday life if I could teleport from one place to another. I could meet and work with my team in Munich and Hannover in one day, make on-site appointments with clients all over Germany, and be home with my family the same evening. And of course, it would be pretty easy to have a quick beach vacation in Mexico, eat sushi in Japan, and then watch the Superbowl in the USA.

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