Next-Generation Project Management (NGPM)

The needs of project managers and teams have changed dramatically in the last decade. New challenges include a mix of method frameworks, working across fluid ecosystems of strategic suppliers, and dealing with the expectations of the next generation of digitally native end-users.

cplace offers a powerful solution set designed from the ground up to help global high-tech leaders succeed in managing the next generation of projects and teams.  

cplace NGPM Delivers
Collaborative Project Management

Break down complex plans and delegate decision making and execution. Orchestrate defined connections between master and component projects. Organize communication and negotiation around aligning plan updates and constraints, top-down and bottom-up.

Agile Methods

Work in agile/scrum based method frameworks by using Kanban-style boards to break down work into tickets, assign tasks, and track completion status from a central dashboard.

Classical Methods

Organize work and milestones, define dependencies and timeframes, and use waterfall and stage-gate structures to track status and progress.

Method Mix

Integrate traditional serialized waterfall method frameworks as well as agile/scrum based frameworks. Use connected Gantt charts and Kanban views to integrate classic and new methods into the same project environment. 

A New User Experience

Functionality packaged in familiar app formats for a low learning curve and maximum usability. Combine basic building blocks, such as boards, Gantt, Wikis, charts, into role-specific dashboards. Connect all apps via a shared data repository to ensure all information is connected in real-time.

Escape From Shadow IT

As existing project management tools fall short, project teams often resort to improvised solutions, implementing their own systems or relying on complex spreadsheets with obscure macro logic.

cplace is the perfect framework for recreating such solutions on a scalable and secure platform. cplace offers strong functionality for managing tabular data in online worksheets, providing a familar experience to spreadsheet users. At the same time, all data is stored centrally, functional extensions are very simple, and each process stakeholder has a user interface optimized for their needs.  

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