Our innovative Shared Source ecosystem brings together the best experts, no matter where they work - customers, partners, and collaboration Factory team members. collaboration Factory caters for the professional orchestration, the foundation of our successful collaboration. In this way, we maximize the innovative power and scalability of our solutions - and the entire community benefits from the result.

Shared Source Development

Our partners help deliver successful solutions to our customers.

Our technological ecosystem continues to grow and develop further thanks to this large network, resulting in a growing set of business applications. cplace partners add value across a range of topics, including development skills, domain expertise, and delivery capabilities. Our partnerships with carefully selected and highly professional companies are an important component of our business model.

The Benefits of a Strong Community

The cplace ecosystem scales via its partners and can thus access a large talent pool.

Expertise and Innovation

The experts in our community bring innovation and know-how to the table.

Individual Solutions

Our applications are provided as quickly as standard software and as flexibly as individual software.


Many contributors ensure the quality and continuity of the software.


The flexible platform concept enables quick implementation of adaptions.

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